SUME in Lima, Peru

Thanks to a kind invitation from the Institute for Natural Sciences, Land and Renewable Energy at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Peru (INTE-PUCP), SUME met for the Americas in Lima, Peru, during 26-27 October 2017. 


After an introduction on ethics by Dr Augusto Castro, Director of INTE-PUCP, Dr Angela Andrade gave a talk as Chair of IUCN-CEM on CBD's Ecosystem Approach. Following talks were by Dr Mariana Montoya of Wildlife Conservation Society, Tom Seaton of Alaska Fish & Game, Kurt Alt of Wild Sheep Foundation, Edgar Vicuña of the National Service of Natural Protected Areas of Peru and Dr Marina Rosales from SUME. Three presentations on the role of falconry in restoring key ecosystem predators were by Dr Adrian Reuter, Maya Basdeo and Augustin Anzoategui. Talks from Dr Eduardo Arraut and Robert Kenward of SUME, and Luis Mujica of INTE-PUCP, preceded the training in designing projects for ecosystem enhancement by using the multilingual software for local communities. In one break-out group, led by Dr Andrade, a focus developed for community conservation of aquatic ecostystem services. In a second group, Dr Arraut led members of a long-standing IUCN member, the International Association for Falconry and Conservation of Birds of Prey, to plan a raptor restoration network.


The column on the left has links for the Programme of the meeting, which attracted 25 participants from 9 countries, and proceedings which contain Abstracts and links to Powerpoints of presentations. Please contact Dr Marina Rosales Benites de Franco ( in Spanish or English for more information.



After the meeting


The excursion to the bewitching 'Reserva Paisagística Nor Yauyos Cocha' provided a first-hand glimpse at incredible Peru!


The Andean landscape, Inca terraces of varied sizes and locations, abandoned and in-use, some high, really high up in the mountains, ancient and modern villages, and breathtaking vertical canyons cut by a strong glacial river. 


In case you wish to have a glimpse at some of it, have a look here:

The Post-Workshop Experience.






Meeting outputs


View & Download the Programme

of the meeting.


View & Download the Abstracts

published from the meeting. The report has links in each abstract to the Powerpoint presentation that was given, and which is also available from the Downloads page of this site.


The Record of a short SUME business meeting that concluded the event is available to view & download here


The excursion after the meeting (above) was led by Dr Eduardo Moraes Arraut ( Marina and Eduardo are SUME's Coordinators for South America.